sienu paneļi un antīki dēļi

Wall panels

Wall decorative panels have become a popular and much-sought product for various interior solutions. Our design panels will help you to create a visually modern and comfortable space.

sienu apdares plāksnes
Antīka koka apdares dzīvojamā istabā
Antīki dēļi sienu apdarei

Reclaimed wood

It is currently trendy and popular to use antique planks in the interior design projects. Our range of products include planks with sun-burned surface, as well as planks with original hundred-year-old axe cuts. These planks can be used to cover external walls of a building or to make design accents in walls and ceilings

pelēki dēļi modernā interjerā

Wood doors

Inspired by the beauty and natural grain of timber, our doors provides all the benefits of a modern door, but with the characteristics and rustic charm of a reclaimed and solid wood surface.

Wood doors
Wood doors in interior