Wall panel "Amber"

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Reclaimed wood Wood type Reclaimed wood
118/59/32 x 10/8/6cm Panel size 118/59/32 x 10/8/6cm
10 mm Panel thickness 10 mm
18 planks; 1m2 Package contents 18 planks; 1m2
120x26x5 cm Package size 120x26x5 cm
Wall covering made from brushed reclaimed wood
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Wood is the most useful and most sustainable material. Using recycled wood keeps the carbon footprint very low and means limiting the use of freshly-milled timber and negating importing costs, while preserving our natural timber resources for future use.
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For frequently asked questions check our FAQ page or contact us on sales@awl.lv
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Amber/Oyster/Platinum/Slate: 18 pieces of 118/59/32 x 10/8/6cm size panels, 2 of each size. Amber Lite: 36 pieces of 59/32/14 x 10/8/6cm size panels, 4 of each size. Amber Mini: 42 pieces of 32 x 10/8/6cm size panels, 14 of each size.
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Product information Wall covering made from brushed reclaimed wood
Wall panel "Amber" is made of reclaimed wood. This material usually comes from old barns and mills where boards have been under the influence of wind, rain and sun for decades. Carefully processed and cleaned with greatest attention to the colour and texture. After brushing with machines, we get a unique looking texture and colour that cannot be artificially made. The brushed surface has a pleasant, warm, brownish tone. As a result, they can be easily used in any spatial design - contemporary or classical, serving modern interiors too.
Living room
Dining room
Feature wall
Usage Interior design

Wall panels are a great solution for interiors that can be used for interior walls and ceilings or for building facades. Consider adding wall lights to highlight wood texture.

Usage Furniture

A great usage of this product is also to cover furniture. It can be kitchen island or some cabinet or doors - you can use these boards however you like.

Usage Custom cut shapes

Let Your imagination go - you can cut boards to create unique pattern and interesting combinations.


Choose the one most
suited for you


Ideal to cover large areas

Packaging: one box is 1 m2 and contains 2 pieces of each size: 118 x 10 cm; 118 x 8 cm; 118 x 6 cm; 59 x 10 cm; 59 x 8 cm; 59 x 6 cm; 32 x 10 cm; 32 x 8 cm; 32 x 6 cm

Amber Lite

Ideal to cover small areas

Packaging: one box is 1 m2 and contains 4 pieces of each size: 59 x 10 cm; 59 x 8 cm; 59 x 6 cm; 32 x 10 cm; 32 x 8 cm; 32 x 6 cm; 14 x 10 cm; 14 x 8 cm; 14 x 6 cm


Reclaimed wood

Wall panels are made from reclaimed wood that is gathered only from old buildings within a clean environment - old houses and barns. Those materials come from times, when wood was free from chemicals, paint and was treated by sun, wind and rain. All of the reclaimed wood has FSC and gathered within Northern Europe.

Surface of panels

The surface of the boards is extensively brushed to highlight the wood's unique texture and aged brown color. The beauty of boards is not in its uniformity but in its unique texture and feel.

Mounting glue

Specially designed glue for gluing panels to the wall is also available. Professional adhesive for Wooden Wall Design wooden panels MS Polymer Elastic assembly adhesive. Fast and very strong initial adhesion.

Panels in interior

Wall panels are a perfect solution for that one wall that seems too boring to leave it as is. And a natural product is truly natural - nothing stands above it and is perfect for all interiors.

Quick guide

Acclimatization and choice of glue

We recommend acclimatizing wood panels to the new environment for 1-2 days, keeping them packed. Room temperature must be above 17°C and 35 - 65 % relative humidity must prevail. This will ensure that the panels get used to the climate of the new room. Use elastic polymer-based mounting adhesive to glue the panels to the wall. Do not use dispersion-based (water based) adhesives, as this can lead to deformation of the panels!

Wall preparation

Make sure that the surface on which you will install the panels is relatively flat. The surface must also be clean, dry (a maximum residual moisture of 5 %) and free of dust. The product is intended for use in rooms with relative humidity from 35% to 65%. The panels are made of natural wood, that is why use them in high humidity places is not recommended.

Fixing the panels to the wall

Use polymer-based mounting adhesive to glue the panels to the wall. Do not use dispersion-based (water based) adhesives, as this can lead to deformation of the panels When choosing an adhesive, follow the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions about the surface onto which you plan to glue the panels, as well as the required amount of adhesive. Apply the glue as instructed. Make sure that the glue is also applied to the corners of the panels. Make sure the glue is applied to the corners of the panels as well.

Laying of panels

You can arrange the panels on the wall in your own unique pattern (horizontally, vertically, diagonally, or in any pattern of your choice) or as shown in the diagram.


What our clients say
Super produit. Très beau rendu.
Review image See photos
Très beau rendu sur un mur de fond de couloir
Review image See photos
Un rendu parfait en tout point identique aux photos de la galerie du site
Review image See photos
Wir haben die Bretter auf eine Platte geklebt und diese von hinten beleutet. Die Auswahl der Bretter ist super, sie lassen sich super zusammen puzzeln.
Review image See photos
Wir haben eine Fernsehwand damit gebaut und die Küche damit verschönert. Das Holz ist größtenteils von guter Qualität. Ich würde es jederzeit wieder kaufen und kann es weiterempfehlen. Wir hatten einige Pakete zu viel und das konnten wir problemlos zurück schicken. Der Support reagiert schnell und kompetent.
Review image See photos
Juste magnifique Pose facile et livraison rapide
Allouche H.
Review image See photos
Franchement beau simple a poser mais prévoir un bon stock de colle pour 7 M2 nous avons eu besoin de 7 recharges a pistolet. Rendu magnifique, pour une pose simple sans trop de découpe posez une ligne de chaque taille (trois tailles par cartons) comme ça une simple découpe au bout de la ligne c'est hyper simple.
Review image See photos
Sehr gut zu verarbeiten. Fast Alle Holzlatten waren zu gebrauchen da sehr Präzise in den Breiten geschnitten. Es sind 3 verschiedene Breiten im Karton und diese wurden wiederum in verschiedene längen geteilt. Somit kann man sich das ganze gut zusammen reimen wie man lustig ist. Habe mir einen Untergrund aus Spanplatten gemacht und die einzelnen Bretter genagelt.Kein Leim oder Kleber benutzt. Somit verzieht sich nichts. Habe 4 Kartons gekauft. Die verschnitte habe ich fast ganz mitgenutzt somit nichts zum wegschmeißen gehabt. Bin 100% zufrieden und würde es wieder kaufen war diese gute Qualität wert.
Review image See photos
Verarbeitung war easy.
Diana K.
Review image See photos
Die Bretter sind fast perfekt geschnitten, hat Spaß gemacht damit zu arbeiten. Kann ich nur empfehlen.
Alex G.
Review image See photos
We were very nervous about installing this product in our house. However we really enjoyed installing it and choosing the layout that we liked Easy for a DIYer to do themselves, so no need for specialist people to install
Review image See photos
Beau rendu Par contre j'ai clouter les planches en plus de les coler car la colle PU n'adhèrait pas immédiatement Au top
Review image See photos
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