About reclaimed wood

The second life of an old tree

Centenary boards, planks with a surface, which scorched by the sun and hardened by the rain and wind, planks with cracks and holes from the nails - we are working with such materials, which we give a "second wind" and that we turn it into a modern and very popular panel for finishing walls. Unique material helps to create a unique product!

The wisdom of the ancestors

Our heritage

Material obtained from old buildings once was created from trees that grew centuries ago. When our ancestors cut down and treated trees, they strictly abide by the laws of nature. That is why we are now able to offer you this wonderful product - historical tree! When it becomes part of the decorative panels on the walls, it allows us to plunge into the past repeatedly.

Complex processing

of old wood

This processing requires a clear understanding of the nature of the material, as well as professionalism, love and creative approach to the work done! Care, patience, perseverance and precision form the basis of the high quality of our products!


Careful and accurate

The secret of the "force" of the ancient tree lies in its tenacity! Original and beautiful wooden parts could be created only with hands. Only with our hands, we can sort out a thousand details, selecting the best combination of ornaments, and then glue them together!

Great result

for a unique interior